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Designed and produced to offer the very best service to both grill professionals and the inexperienced alike, these are high-potential gas-fired professional grills.

They are ideal for restaurants or other venues wishing to improve the quality of their offering and service.
But their versatility also makes them ideal for food trucks, snack-bars, pubs, caterers and cafés, enabling them to offer a rich, tasty menu.

The heart of the WeGrill Broiler lies in its powerful ceramic gas burners, capable of heating to 850 °C and reproducing the infrared radiation typical of the best embers.


Gas Model


Clean energy and unrivalled power for perfect grilling.
The new “E-Master” electric range uses the features that have made the WeGrill Broiler System amongst the most popular, best known in restaurants all over the world,
to further revolutionise the Grill concept.

The exclusive glass-ceramic radiant plates re-create
the power and infrared frequency radiation of traditional embers.
THE INNOVATIVE INFRARED CONTROL POWER SYSTEM by modulating the power of the radiant plates it will allow you to get maximum flexibility with indirect cooking areas, adapting times, thicknesses and types of cooking.
Less smoke in your kitchen, Grill cleaning in the twinkle of an eye and optimised running costs: only a few of the many benefits of the WeGrill E-Master Range.


Electric Model

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For a complete, immersive WeGrill Broiler System experience, you can fit our grills with lots of accessories to make full use of all their features.

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