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a steakhouse

A steakhouse is a restaurant specializing in the preparation of tasty steaks and meat of various kinds .

Lately, many steakhouses have sprung up.

A steakhouse is a restaurant specializing in the preparation of tasty steaks and meat of various kinds .

Lately, many steakhouses have sprung up.

Opening a steakhouse is an idea to differentiate yourself

from the competition of the many existing generic restaurants, offering a unique flavor that is highly appreciated by a constantly growing clientele.

Opening a braceria, however, until recently, could prove complex and difficult to implement.

It was necessary to have three essential requirements:
Conoscenza e pratica
Suitable cooking tools
Dedicated staff

The knowledge basically concerned the cooking techniques, in order to obtain a quality result and the ability to keep the embers hot during the whole period of service, in order to avoid that a reduction in the temperature would cook the meat badly, disrupting the customers’ expectations.

With Wegrill, it’s over

As for the cooking tool, the true braceria necessarily had to opt for a traditional wood or charcoal grill, the only one capable of achieving the beautiful red heat typical of a charcoal, which allows you to cook the meat in a special way. Alternative tools such as fry tops or lava stones hardly achieve comparable results and the public notices.

With Wegrill, it’s over

The third peculiarity of a braceria was the need to have dedicated staff.
Embers, fry tops and lava stones must be lit before service begins and kept at the highest temperature throughout. This, in addition to requiring not insignificant power costs, involves the fixed presence of an attendant to perform this activity.

This, however, was the past.

Today, thanks to Wegrill’s professional grills, these problems are no longer an issue.
Wegrill grills allow you to

open a steakhouse without difficulty.

They are in fact based on innovative technologies that exactly reproduce the red embers of a traditional braceria. In their gas or electric variants, they reach 850° centigrade in just three minutes, which reaches the infrared spectrum, typical of embers. At this temperature, the exterior of the food caramelizes, producing the crispy effect that gives the typical crusty exterior, while keeping the interior succulent. This characterizesthe typical flavor of real grilled meat.

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In addition, reaching this temperature in just three minutes, professional wegrill grills can be kept on standby until a food item needs to be cooked. This means that power costs are much lower than a traditional grill and there is no need to have a dedicated resource to keep the fire hot.

Not to mention that the special form of top cooking avoids the production of fumes and odors.

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