Why choose Wegrill professional grills for restaurants?
The Wegrill Broiler System:

has huge strengths
compared to a traditional braziers, lava stones or fry tops

It’s indisputable,

Cooking on the grill is the maximum of flavor, conviviality, taste.

More and more restaurant businesses are calling themselves steakhouses, giving this term a meaning that evokes a very specific flavor.

But …

It’s indisputable,

Cooking on the grill is the maximum of flavor, conviviality, taste.

More and more restaurant businesses are calling themselves steakhouses, giving this term a meaning that evokes a very specific flavor. < / strong>

But …

Embers involve a lot of work, a lot of knowledge and it is extremely complex, in other words you need to know how to manage the temperatures, the amount of wood or coal, the times to make the fire last during a service.
features of wegrill
features of wegrill

Important costs

On average in a day, 5/6 kg of embers are consumed for each service.
A medium quality coal costs around € 1.50 per kilo.
Considering lunch and dinner, 12 kg are consumed every day, which is equivalent to € 18 per day.
In short if you work 300 days a year we are talking about € 5400 a year spent on coal alone which we very often  do not even realize, because we have the idea that coal is almost waste. 

These complications have led restaurateurs to settle for simpler tools: lava stone and fry top.

It consists of two burners that heat a stone; this, by heating up, conducts its heat to the food. This system, however, hardly achieves the “beautiful red color of the embers”.

The stone, then, must accumulate heat before radiating it on the food; the times are therefore extremely slow and there is a continuous loss of efficiency and thermal efficiency , due to the inability to keep the temperature constant . And with the burner placed under the meat, grease and liquids pouring out will create a lot of smoke and smell , complicating the cleaning of the lava stone.
Fry tops are large griddles used in the Anglo-Saxon world for frying eggs and bacon.

The fry top has a burner that heats a plate just like a domestic grill pan. However a big problem is that the griddle heats up and cooks the first steak but then loses temperature ; while meat inevitably loses its liquids, because the reduced temperature fails to caramelize it immediately losing all its liquids, causing the plate to lose quality .
Do you really accept these compromises? If you choose WeGrill professional grills you won’t need to compromise anymore.
Ignition times
A lava stone or fry top takes 20-30 minutes to be ready for use . Wegrill grills are ready to cook in 3 minutes . In just 3 minutes they reach the infrared spectrum, that same color as the glowing embers, managing to reproduce the same cooking conditions of an embers .
Service management

Lava stones, a fry tops or traditional embers need to be kept at maximum temperature throughout the service , otherwise the cooking capacity is lost. Our grills remain in stand-by and are switched on only when it is actually necessary to cook. You do not need to keep it constantly at maximum: with a click, you put it into operation right when you have a request and in 2-3 minutes it is ready! Try doing the same thing with a brazier, a lava stone or a fry top.

Consumption and savings
Do you need to add more?
In conclusion it’s so evident that the features just seen cut costs and times, allowing an extremely more convenient economic management of your service.
Extremely low operating costs
Extremely low management costs
Features of professional grills Wegrill
For everyone
Our machines are designed and built to offer a TOP service to grill professionals but also non-professionals.


Your Steak House now

Differentiate yourself from the competition and offer the refined flavors of a typical barbecued restaurant, with simplicity, low know-how and without structural interventions.

The real taste of embers

Thanks to the infrared spectrum, the Mallard reaction is activated, which creates the Crispy effect: that nice crust outside and the succulent flavor typical of grilled meat.

No smoke

Our burners radiate from above. Liquid fats, falling, do not come into contact with the heat source, eliminating smoke and annoying flames, avoiding the potential toxicity of carbonization.

No more downtime

All cooking systems need a long time to heat up, they must be managed and kept warm. The Broiler system takes ONLY three minutes to be up and running.

Measurable savings

Reduce energy consumption: the Broiler System turns it on only when needed. You will not have to buy and manage tons of coal and its extreme flexibility makes it easily usable by any professional in your brigade.

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